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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Eg E5 project engineer. But is put as project manager.
Then customer keep shooting me.

Shoot my boss M3 senior manager la. They don't approve this don't approve that. But hide behind their office.
Don't face the customer. Got deadline but no resources.
Say covid la. This and that. Just appear once a while in meeting to exert dominance and give so many comments.

Talk is cheap! Where is the action.

Well they are the senior manager. High paid 10 to 15k drive nice car. Come late. Have personal office.
But don't handle customer.

Keep saying. "let us run the show"
How about give us your salary also then.

Yes, they make it sound like the engineers below are the ones making the decisions. To them, they get the contract and nothing else matters to them. Any problems after that are the engineers' to solve. Yet, they are unwilling to give a little more benefits like higher increment or even off days. It's not even asking for promotion.

"Let you all run the show"... sounds so familiar.
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