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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I work in a top tier PB bank, surprised by your hunger to push products, the way you manage the client money will eventually put in the bad books of the ultra-high networth community. Better keep your reputation, as it is a small community, and they will talk among each other. I believe you will out of PB if you believe in screwing the clients
Most of the clients networth these days are tied up in non-liquid assets e.g shares of their IPO company, plantations, etc Their LTV is marked lower due to tight credit control these days, so cant leverage much further.
hi since you are working in PB, would you advise someone to join PB? Any regrets? If given a second chance, will u pursue other fields in finance instead?

The finance field is v wide, up to a certain pt, its very hard for u to change fields afterwards. for example, I have a fresh grad friend who enrolls into a fixed income trading program and finds that he does not like it after a few years. He wants to do research on equities and publish analyst reports. However, when he applies for such openings for equities analyst, normally they reject him because he has no prior experience. He is still looking for such opportunties and he may have to take a Masters or MBA to start all over again...
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