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This is a decent grad programme so long as it's not O&T especially ops. Not only you must do boring processing work, you are food chain bottom as well. The hierarchy in bank is : MNC > SME > front office > back office. If a big customer (MNC) has some unreasonable request, so long as it brings in enough money, its RM (relationship manager) will "request" for ops to process the deal (SMEs don't have a dedicated RM). If ops refuse by saying it is past the cut off time or for whatever reason, RM will escalate. If the money is good enough, higher management will force the relevant ops dept to execute. This is the banking circle of life. Business school taught you that in the corporate world, cash is king. They forgot the second part of the equation: customer is god. Because cash come from customer. Avoid ops. If cannot, ask for internal transfer. Best is to be the customer.
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