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Hi everyone,

I am wondering there is any job suitable for me as DXO.
I used to be an Army Regular and left after 5 years of service when my bond was up after 4 years (CPT1 rank $4.6k)into private sector as I was young and curious about what others are doing.
Then after 2 years in private sector as project engineer (involved in LTA or SBST projects), I decided to go into teaching.
I have been a teacher for 6 years. Pay started at $2.6k as a trainee. Increased to $3.3k after being PDGE trained in NIE. Promoted one year after graduating from NIE and salary increased to $4.3k, after few years of increment now at $4.9k.
Now I am thinking whether the MINDEF will welcome ex-regular into service as DXO.
What is the grade I should be expecting and what kind of salary should I be looking at?
Quite dumb of you to leave a jiak liao bee job to go into teaching which involves actual hard work. Hard to get into a jlb job again, don't think you'll be lucky twice.

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