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Default Path resident in aus

Hey guys,

Just wanted to get an opinion from all you experts here.

I'm a singaporean who studied in Aus and decided to stay here after completing my internship/HOship. Initially did internal med residency for 2 years but got disillusioned with clinical medicine so decided to switch to a non-clin specialty. I'm doing path residency now (rads didn't accept me) and really enjoying it. I married an Aussie girl (she's asian) and feel pretty settled here but i still miss Sg and am considering returning to the motherland after finishing my residency. Pathology is not a bad paying specialty here and lifestyle is pretty good (8-5 everyday, no calls as a resident). Just wondering if there are anyone knows what the prospects are like for a pathologist in Sg and whether it would be an enjoyable specialty or at least a reasonable one. I notice not many singaporeans go into path so wondering if its a really bad specialty there.

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