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Pay increment for engineers is only on average at about 5%-7% for most engineering companies... Engineers have to job hop to get bigger pay jumps.. but also have to bear in mind that the higher salary you draw, the more likely you'll be the first to get retrench in a engineering company...

These days a lot of retrenched engineers end up driving taxi either because they lose their jobs in their 40s..

Some tried going to job fairs but the employers prefer younger and cheaper FT workers.. Itz just a very sad fate for these older engineer...

There was this one time, a taxi driver told me he was a ex-engineer earning 5k before he was retrench... then he couldn't find job for a long time since he was already in his 40s... Savings also not much due to low pay and high expense due to housing loan and wife not working... Every day stress over money and quarrel with wife... Woman feel that the husband is useless... Eventually divorce followed.. because the woman needed to feel more financially secure.... He was tearing while he shared this...

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