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tl;dr, scroll to the very last paragraph if you can't be bothered to read the specifics (>u w u )>
I am an aspiring Entrepreneur, Engineer, Scientist and Artist. I am trying to model after Elon Musk. I want to be someone as influential as him.

I've read up on him and he advised to determine a set of visions so as to calibrate my compass to realise my vision. So I decided that

1), I want to develop alternative energy sources and bring cheap, renewable and clean energy to the masses. I am currently eyeing nuclear fusion energy.

2), I want to help transcend the human race from a global civilisation to an interplanetary one. This will involve things like engineering rockets and spaceships, technology to sustain human life on Mars and the networking skills to garner the support of the public. (Like Neil deGrasse Tyson )

3), I want to pioneer in asteroid mining and in-space manufacturing. I think it is hugely beneficial to all of us and is an unbridled pot of gold where big business can be done there.

4), I want to be able to share my passion for science and future with others and inspire them through the mediums of public speaking and storytelling ( writing books and hybridising with art )

5), To be ascertained passions/ visions.

So I came up with a rough plan based on Elon Musk.
Step 1. Develop skills necessary to be able to employ people to help me achieve my visions in the future. For example, acquire a physics background to be capable of leading a team of scientists and engineers to push the space frontier.

Step 2. Develop relevant skills to become rich. Such include skills to build businesses and earn passive income.

Step 3. Use money to become a shareholder of different companies that are pursuing my vision or create a company from ground up. At this stage, I will be doing high return in investment deals whilst realising my vision.

Step 4. Inspire people.

Step 5. Become fulfilled.

My problem comes with Step 1. What course should I undertake so that my skills may align with what I want to do later on in life?
( After I become rich )


I am currently taking my General Curriculum Education Ordinary Level Examinations this year. I remain undecided on which course to take next year in a Polytechnique. Although I am have inclined towards pursuing the Poly career path, I am still open to consider applying for Junior College.

Here is why I do not want to apply for JC. Don't read if you don't have to. It's long.
I am currently against apply for Junior College due to the academic rigour and the rote learning that happens there. Although critical thinking skills and subject competency is cultivated at a much deeper level in JC, I do not believe that it will benefit me all that much. After all, I want to employ and not be employed. I already despise Secondary School education. It leads me to think that the education system is flawed. All you are doing for Secondary School ,and presumably JC, is mindlessly downloading algorithms into the brain to usually never use it again. In Secondary School, we are forced to memorise information, at least for the sciences, and regurgitate it out. Others judge your academic capacity based on how well you can memorise and vomit it out on paper. THIS IS NOT what the scientific method is and not how I want to learn. I used to love science with a heated passion. But after getting into a high stress environment of O level prep, the three sciences I am studying suddenly has become dull and mundane, because of the sheer amount of information to memorise. Compounding the stresses of Co-curriculum activities like sports competition, it makes for a disaster for someone who has no motivation or drive to do well. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to how well someone could cope with such an environment but I shudder to think how JC will be like if I already dislike secondary school life. Maybe my interest for science will get crushed out of me. Don't get me wrong, I was a hard worker and am capable of being diligent but this is nearly impossible when the education system robs you of your reason and interest to study in the first place. The only area where I can truly engage in my best work is in projects because a clear vision, mission and goal is identified. With those, I can study willingly and many times more effectively with much more efficacy as compared to being forced to study. If JC life is just an exacerbated version of upper secondary school life, I do not want to attend JC. I concede that the path I want to pursue requires one to be highly competent in the relevant fields of study as pioneering work requires top-notch-calibre skills. However, I can still acquire skills even without formal education like how Elon Musk learned rocket science through books and mentors. The key here is for me to be willing to study, which is unlikely in JC. Nonetheless, I can adapt to JC life if I absolutely have to through a series of habit building but I would like to abstain from JC if possible.

I want a lot freedom with my time during tertiary education to develop other skill sets outside the ones predetermined by the institution. For example, I want to develop my artistic talent for digital art whilst also studying for a curriculum I am interested in like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, e.t.c. I would also like to test the waters of entrepreneurship in poly. Since I am a triple sciences student in the final year of secondary school, I have passion for science, particularly for physics, but I'd could take any science related course if it aligns with my aspirations.

The problem is, what course should I take? I am thinking somewhere along the line of Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics. Although I do wish to become an entrepreneur, my primary interest is with science so I decided not to go for business courses. Will learn that externally.

I am looking for suggestions on which course I should take in poly. Bearing in mind my aspirations and interests, I would love to hear them and what I could stand to learn from it and apply what I learn in my chosen fields.

Ironically, what I would recommend you is to go jc and excel in the basics first before going to university because it seems like you want a role in research and development. The skills learnt in jc will be a good foundation in helping you understand concepts better in uni. Furthermore what they teach in poly is just a chapter of a module in university. Its pointless and a waste of a year. This is coming from a local ntu undergrad who studied in sp before.

Can either take mechanical/ aerospace engineering or EEE in uni.
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