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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi there, will any experts be able to advise on the following for private hospitals vs RHs?

1) Who pays more competitively on the monthly starting base salary - Private Hospital or RH?
2) Who pays better on in terms of annual package - Private or RH?
2) What is the average percentage of salary adjustment in private hospital vs RH?
3) How long does it take to be promoted in private hospital?
4) For Fresh graduate, is it better to work in Private Hospital or RH? Why?

Thanks much!
Just my humble opinion.

1. I think both are pretty much the same. But public sector has 2 months more bonus. (executive level)
2. If same base pay, public sector pay more.
3. I think about the same for the annual increment. But in the public sector, u may getting additional adjustment every few years as government like to make healthcare more appealing.
4. Private sector will be better in this aspect. If u are capable, you will be recognised easily. For public sector, even if you capable, you may not shine as there's too many "Stars" and too many red tape.
5. For fresh grad, i would suggest join big public hospital first. SGH, TTSH etc. These big names will help you in your resume 10 years down the road.
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