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If based on MOM criteria for employment pass for foreigner... It's min 4.5k. This figure is broad across all industry so its quite consistent. Fresh grad in other sectors their starting pay around 3.2k to 3.5k. So again show consistency

What is inconsistent or wrong is fresh grad in IT getting paid 5k to do half the job of seniors. That's wrong
If the company value allthis fresh talent so much, why do we senior need to "teach" them since we are already underpaid. So yep. This is the result of fresh grad getting crazy starting pay

Get high starting pay. Be prepared to work 24/7 cause no one will help you.
The thing is, fresh grads see their friends get 6-7k at tier 1 companies and think, hey, I'm also valued as much right? Same course, same type of work? Why not I give chance a bit, ask for 5k only? Surely that's undervaluing myself a bit?

When in reality, their friends have good grades, secured multiple swe internships, competitions, got practice interview questions & can perform during interview, then finally get offer in tier 1 companies after 4-5 rounds of interviews. They go through all those hoops, they prove that they can code then of course the tier 1 company offer 6-7k.

On the other hand you have some 2nd lower grad who only have their school projects to showcase apply to some t2/3 company (who apparently pays their seniors peanuts) and ask for 5k of course get ridiculed, and rightfully so.
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