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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Ask yourself this.
You are given 2 months to build a module that send out notification. Can you do it?
You are given 6 months to build an intranet Web system say leave system. Can you do it?
You are given 1 year to build a system with microservices with 2 front end. Web ui. And mobile. Can you do it?

If cannot. Don't know how. Don't know how to begin.
Dojr know how to create loosely coupled system. Don't know how to use dependency injection.
Don't know how to test drive the solution.
Don't know agile.
Don't know how to refsctor code.
Don't know how to write clean code.
Don't know how to write pure function.
Don't know how to use interface.
Don't know design pattern.
Don't know object basic.
Don't know how to improve sql performance.
Don't know how to use index.
Don't know how to normalise table.
Don't know how to learn a new technology in 2 months. Need 2 years.

Only know how to draw diagram.
Only know how to log issues
Only know how to correct grammar in requirement specs.
Come late. Leave on time.
MC when there is deliverable.
Asked to look into a bug.
No update for 3 weeks.
When asked why there is no result? SLA is 3 days. Not 3 weeks.
Their reply. Didn't know have to actually solve the bug. Just "look" into it.

That's 90% fresh grad and we wonder why they deserve 5k
Not willing to work.
Not willing to climb.
But asking for 5k++ and they wonder why seniors are mean to them.
If you can do the work. No one will give you problem. Even the users will love you.
But the fresh grad are more wayanf than some oldies.
Talk so big.
Impostor syndrome.
Every year I see fresh grad I just roll my eyes.
I rather have actual experience people without delusional ideal
honestly this just shows the salary discrepancy in ncs. not sure why people like you still stay there and not find a job that is worth your skills lol

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