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As far as I know, there're a few NTU grads who pass and accept Microsoft USA every year.
Same goes to Google. These 2 companies' starting pay is about 8k USD (100K per annum) a month, which translates to slightly more than 10K. (3 years ago, it was '12k' due to exchange rates). As mentioned by a senior above, these people who get such high starting pay (or in fact, standard starting pay for top silicon valley companies) have extraordinary resume.

Do note that taxes in the US vary from state to state. For MS/Google Singapore, it's more of support/maintenance and marketing roles. The starting pay for these 2 locally here aren't bad too. Best part: given vested stocks! One Google share now costs about 600USD PER SHARE.
Imagine being given something like 10-20 as a sign-on bonus, though vested for 3-4 years.
Ain't so bad huh?

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