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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can share the salary of CM and DCD? Wondering if this is a safe and stable path to embark on
Im the previous poster above who is a grassroots leader. DCD earn around $7k to $9k if i remember correctly.

It depends la. U prolly wont get retrenched but u wont advance from CM if there is no vacancy. I do know of some incompetent CMEs kena managed out.

That said the amount of useless wayang u are subjected to is crazy. U have to have the same positive mindset as insurance agents and salespple cos of some v demanding residents that u cant just turn away. Then u do the bidding of the ministers and the advisors. Then giving out masks packing stuff etc oso u do.

I see the CMs, CMEs, dcd n cd in my area my heart goes out to them. Work inconsistent hrs, long hrs. They are really positive n upbeat pple. Usually pretty young too.

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