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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why is she a CM after 5 - 10 years? Is there no career progression as CM? How many grades are there in a CM title? What is the pay range if u could ask her. Thanks!
Career progression as a CM depends not only on one's capabilities from what I understand. The other factor at play seems to be the presence of other higher-ranking colleagues serving in the same constituency. I cannot confirm this 100%, but based on my impressions and what I have heard, it seems to be a quota-based thing, where if the person above you does not leave, you cannot get promoted to let's say, SCM.

So, that would mean that even after serving X years, with excellent performance, it does not necessarily mean a promotion, it seems.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Just to add - personally I feel that the CM role is suitable for singles who are able to devout time outside of office hours. Imagine u have to work during ungodly hours or hold event during weekends. I think someone who is married will not be able to work long term as a CM.

In addition, being a CM is kind of dead end job where you do not have real skills which u can bring to the next career.

I would strongly advise against anyone from taking this post. There are so many other roles in the ministries and statboards. Go for others instead.
My friend who has been working as a CM for many years now is married. But that being said, I am not sure what kind of arrangement she has worked out with her husband. The part about working ungodly hours be it due to events or other reasons is very real.

A lot of truths spoken in this - I highly recommend anyone who's considering the role to read this!

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