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Hi seniors,

I'm a final year student at one of the local medical schools and just wanted to get some advice. I've fixed my heart on a specialty and cannot see myself doing anything else in the future. It's not one of those super competitive specs, intake rate approx 40%. But with the push towards fam med I'm worried I can't make it in even if I do a few years of MO in the spec.

May I ask what seniors generally look for when considering whether a junior is considered a good fit for a spec? How important are HOship posting evals if the spec I want to go into isn't part of my HO postings? How do I show my interest without coming across as bootlicking?

If I really don't manage to get into this spec locally I would seriously consider going overseas to do residency instead. Wonder if anyone knows if MOH would allow a grant for the bond to be suspended in this case.


Pass your final MBBS first then talk la.
Want to do surgery is it? What has fam med got to do with Ur inability to get into a training of your choice.
Bey gan just admit.
No need boot lickk anyone.
People got eyes to see. U are good and efficient it comes across.
Go overseas? You are a local grad, your highest chance is in Singapore. If you can't get in here, what makes u think u are good enough that people in another country will take u in.
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