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Smile 2.2k for fresh grad?

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Exactly, in this day and age where traineeship pay is up to 2.5k, which employer will pay more than this.... 2.2k to 2.5k is reasonable in my opinion. As least work first.
Kaplan students mix with Kaplan students, the whole bunch of them get offered 2.2k to 2.5k, they think this is industry standard.

Local Uni second lower make friends with other second lower, they get offers from 2.8k to 3k, they all think this is also normal.

Double degree first class ask their fellow double degree classmates the salary offered when they secure a job, the average answer is 5.5k, they also think no fresh grad job exists paying below 4k.

When ppl say 2.2k to 2.5k is normal for fresh grad, it's very easy to know where they study and what CAP they get la hor...
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