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Hi all, would like some advice. Have anyone here (or encountered anyone) who completed their residency training, but subsequently got bored with their speciality?
I completed residency a few years back, currently a medical (gm) ac. I am starting to get bored with my daily work, as the patients that we see are largely revolving around the same few issues.. to add to that the silly things we have to do, like responding to complaints, quality improvement projects etc..
Obviously, I will continue in my job until the entire covid thing blows over, but I just can't see myself doing my current job for the next 25-30 years..
I am not sure what opportunities are available outside for a gm specialist.

Guess this question may be more applicable to senior colleagues, but just curious if any specialist/family physician here is seriously bored of their speciality that they are trained in? (After doing the same things over and over again..)

Since u complete Im training alr
Go for icu subspec or sport Med or pall Med

Outside Im is quite useless. U canít really call yourself a specialist coz Im is fundamentally a generalist. Even more Jia lat than Geri.
So u end up same pay as gp.

Alternatively join politics or device companies or pharmaceuticals companies as medical director

Go run for politics
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