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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Has anyone experienced any incompetent seniors in their team?

I define incompetence on many levels:

1. Went to a university that is not in the LPA

2. Not Singapore called but still pretend to know and do Singapore law

3. Delegate everything downline but clearly in no position to supervise and will dominate everyone downline

4. Claim credit despite all the above and pretend to boss that all is done by him

5. When challenged by juniors he will act like a victim and allege bullying

6. Inflate hours and pretend to be v bz

I am tearing my hair out over a senior in my team. I am from an international law firm and for some lame reason this dude manage to get a permanent position. My boss and HR are purposely turning a blind eye to this despite it is shattering team morale, because this dude is of a minority race and they want to be seen to be diverse

Pls advise me what to do.
Mutiny. Report to Shanmugam on 1, 2 and 6. Quit.
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