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Ultimate responsibilities lies with con.
Reg is stressful cos it's a training position and you don't know wtf is going on initially. Junior ask u for advice, boss expects u to know better.
Things slightly better when u become ac. Ac actually still learning phase, esp in more diff speciality like ID, renal, various surgical , interventional sub spec.
With con, Ur clinical responsibility is v high, scut work is low.
A lot of sai Kang comes your way as AC to con. If u don't work hard no AC to con or wait till very long.
Nowadays they pump out so many specialist, u don't work hard might not even get ac position, so you think they really go back office and chill? Your salary also chill lor.

Family med con?
3 areas.
Hospital , community hospital and polyclinic.
Hospital one is like FMcc at sgh and the various small faculty position at diff hospital. Not a lot of position to go around. You have a fcfp, u get a ac to start with and work your way up.
Community hospital more positions. Now typically need fcfp to get ac position and then work Ur way up.
Work is actually interesting and more consultant position to go around. Singhealth community hospital quite partial to family medicine trained folks as all the bosses are fam med. Other include yishun Ch, st Luke , st Andrew, Jurong etc, so far all the bosses family med trained and v nice.

Polyclinic wise, actually with a u can get ac, but u stay stagnant there unless u earmark for higher office and they encourage u to take up fcfp so they can promote u to consultant. Promotion to full con within polyclinic harder la generally speaking so far, but things are improving as primary care taking center stage so maybe more position will open up.

Also..don't listen to some crap about how lucrative private is. Lots of idiotic non doc crashing thread and confusing pple.
Do the Ac/ consultant in comm hospital or ops get paid the same as their specialist counterparts in am acute hospital? And Ac pay is like 15k plus add ons?
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