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The salary that is offered to a fresh grad says a lot more about the standard of the company than the Individual's capability.
A stingy company pays $2600 (Min pay to avoid paying OT) for all fresh hires. An MNC/stat board standardises pay at $4-5k for all fresh hires. Cannot say that all the 30 people hired in one batch is the same, confirm there will be more high-flying ones like one was from Ivy League vs Another from local u with second lower.

When i graduated In 2016, I applied to a few different jobs in the same role (non-sales), the difference can be huge. A job with in the public sector is almost double that of a small accounting firm (less than 50 total headcount).

Confirm+chop that acct firm, never raise its salary for fresh hires in 4 years, now got covid even better, can lower to $2500.
Fair enough, but first job should be about what you can learn and many will attest that private companies, especially SMEs, will allow you to pick up more skills and learn. Pay is not everything.

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