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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It is going to be difficult to start your own law firm, especially if you were an assoc from Big4, MC, WS or mid-sized boutique firms, because these clients follow the firms and sometimes, the partners, but not the assocs who are essentially legal grunts. Starting your own law firm requires a strong network, clients that will follow you wherever you go.

Problems arise as firstly, if you were an assoc in those above-mentioned firms, you would not even have much spare time to even network and build connections. And secondly, most Singaporeans are reserved and meek, contented to do background work. To have clients follow you wherever you go, you cannot just simply be good at your work, but also be excellent in your personal service. After all, the legal industry is a service-oriented industry.
Thatís why those associates who went small or those one or two man firm can build their own connections easier and can start out their own practice after 3 years
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