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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Haha, chill in office all day?
Ya, hire consultants for what right. Hire registrar's and mo can liao.
Pls la, use some brains before u post this.
And the amt of misinformation....

Additional responsibilities such as vice dean, programme director etc pays extra.

You don't need 12 years to hit family med con. Duh?
Mcfps is by nomination after 1 year , can be obtained co currently when u do fcfps
Fastest from residency to finish fcfp for family med is 6 years
3 year residency, 4th year exams, 5th and 6th year fellowship.
Fcfp doesn't gauranteed u a consultant position anyway.
So life as consultant more stressful than reg?
So how do one get consultant position in fam med ?
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