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I hope to shed some light to your question. Something about myself. Not a scholar, no honors (normal degree), 16 years in service. I got my SEO1 when I was 35 and SEO2 5 years later.

Overall IC is not a high stake as schools dont consciously put high potential officers to lead CCAs unless the CCA is a niche area. CCA deployment is more like staff preference and putting officers where they used to previously.

Taking up a KP position is a conversation usually initiated by the RO. If your CEP is only P8, then your RO would not discuss this during your work review. The conversation would focus on T&L because a teacher with P8 CEP would be a teacher when he/she retires.

Seeking a HQ posting would require an officer to have a CEP of at least P7. So I suggest u check with your SLs first. (Of course, you cant ask them directly what your CEP is but you can seek their advice and from there, you would know what your CEP is).

If you feel that your school has a good culture, I would suggest you to stay. Schools with good colleagues and understanding SLs are hard to find. Going to a new environment would require you to build up relationships with new people and these people may have form cliques.
What would you consider to be high stake projects then?
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