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Hey there, this is my opinion la.

Don't worry about friends who drive so called big cars... at that age, most have to tighten their belt (tight tight) to pay for the cars... do simple calculations, u will know.

My point of view is, It's ok to try out some career options, but by 30 be focus and work towards progression. Then again, these are just numbers. It's up to individual. I sincerely think at the age of 27, u r probably at the stage where u r learning and at a stage of 'trial and error'. As you move towards 30, be focus on your career.

I went through a rough ride in my mid 20s, I keep trying, learn from my mistakes, improve myself.. and when I look back, those rough rides made me stronger and wiser.

About girls.. relax dude, slow and steady. Just be sincere, don't try too hard and be cool.

Anyway, I'm someone who don't really like to date... so well.. hahaha.. so no rush..

Appreciate life as a single person.
Appreciate life as an attached person.
Appreciate life as a married person.
Appreciate life as a married with children person.
Basically, appreciate life at every stage of your life.

Remember - Never give up. If there's a problem, there's a solution. Always think of positive solutions.

just to share, cheers.
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