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"Be yourself" is a terrible way of saying "just relax". If you are nervous or putting up an act, it will show. Of all the people I've interviewed, only 2 were calm and smooth. The rest were either on edge or obviously trying to fake their way through. As the kids say, props for trying. But I'm not gonna make an offer just cos you tried.

If you're not what people are looking for, that's just too bad. But I get that a decade of Ten Year Series practice might make that hard for Sinkies to accept. Some people like to run away with the, let me just contort myself into a box for the interview. Once I get the job, I can let things slide. No.

I fired a guy who turned out to be nothing like what he was at the interview. I'm not even talking about kpop or whatever hobbies - he mugged the bare minimum on my practice area to get by. After he came onboard he screwed up some of my files. More fool me for not grilling him harder then.
OP was talking about interviews for TCs, not peeps with pqes. There's really not much technical stuff to ask about at this stage.
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