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I don't think a local grad could handle being in the same room as a Stanford or Harvard grad, to be honest. Their ego just won't take it. I am a Cambridge law graduate, and when NUS grads talk to me they always avert their eyes and speak extremely softly/timidly. Those who have the balls to look at my face talk in a tone of reverence and awe, like they're laying their eyes on a truly superior organism.

Not everyone is born equal. Those who are smarter, stronger, taller, better in general will always end up in the elite educational, super prestigous institutions like Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Oxbridge/MIT/Stanford. The students at those schools are destined for greatness. The peasants with birth defects and lower genetic quality are relegated to NUS/SMU. NUS/SMU grads inevitably end up working for their Oxbridge and Ivy League counterparts. Such is life.
Wow. Your godliness is blinding.
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