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I'm curious about the inverse direction - how does one exit teaching in MOE? What types of jobs would welcome my (relatively limited?) skillset? Especially in today's job marketů seems rather difficult.

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I was a teacher for 3.5years before taking the leap of faith and quit end of last year, after securing a job in the private sector (took a 20% pay cut). I agree you that my overall work-life balance is better, I'm happier, and I have more time to myself (after work it is really time for myself, and I need to worry about worksheets to be marked etc). It was the best decision I made in my adulthood but I do miss teaching and I miss my students, as well as the bonuses.

However, I'm not ruling out the possibility that I will return to the service in the future. I am wondering if any one here quit and returned to becoming a MOE teacher again? How would MOE gauge your experience outside? Would there be a pay raise upon reentering the service or do you restart with the pay you got when you left the service?
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