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Originally Posted by Napstablook View Post
Agree. Am From local uni, from what I see, companies will rather take UOL fch over local uni second lower.

The disadvantage can be overcome.
That depends.

I’m from a bulge bracket (non IB), initial gatekeeping and sieving of applicants is degree-blind as the ATS will shortlist individuals solely based on psychometric tests.

The HR screen is the stage where “prestige” is scrutinized. NUS BBA and other quant-heavy courses (like Engineering/Mathematics) awarded by local unis will always be higher up in the pecking order regardless of the honors classification. However fret not cuz at this juncture, you’ll still be invited for superday unless you suay-suay the max count for the AC is limited.

Final hiring decision afterwards is based on your performance.

Btw, there people from SIM-UOL in my dept. Jia you guys.

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