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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I think it's different kinds of stress - liti has court stress and filing deadlines stress which is a different nature of pressure from corp, which is just being overloaded with work all the time. But they can both suck really hard.

For those who always think of the B4 corp -> international route as the way to make bank, tbh that's not true anymore for good disputes lawyers past 10 years into the industry, and you're probably never gonna make partner as a corp assoc in an international firm, unlike the b4 disputes assoc who will somewhere
thank you for the comment. as a liti person - filing deadlines create stress but for me it's the *nature* of contentious work that makes it problematic - you can practice for 10 years and still have to keep doing research - even if you specialise. There's just much less accretion of expertise and precedents don't really assist in the same way as they do for corp.

with regard to making 'bank', I think especially as a Singapore-based A&S, yes court work remains our monopoly.

but I was only half-flippant when i said retire in a big 4 or international doing corp work. there's more scalability with corp work - even the best disputes lawyers still have to get on their feet in court. also, if you don't really think it's that cool to appear in court, and don't really want to just sit in the office all day, corp work is probably way more relevant to the 'real' world.

just my 2c from the liti side - would be interested to know what other people think of the various practice areas.
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