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Why get so affected by the trolls? Some of them are probably not even local uni students or grads (you think they got the time to cyberbully us? Lol) Feel like many of those who talk **** abt private uni are edmw bbfa or unemployed 60 y.o. uncle type. Chill lah brother.
Second this. Local / private uni graduates are most likely out there working their butts of or sourcing for jobs during this pandemic. The trollers here are most likely the old birds who were retrenched or have their spot in the company taken over by the younger fresh graduates.

At the end of the day, regardless of which uni you're from, make full use of the opportunity given to you. I'm from a local uni myself but but I have colleagues from private uni (not insurance sorry) who are performing way better than their local uni counterparts. All the best!
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