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Originally Posted by Alexxxxxx View Post
Not all SIM grads are useless or bad like so many people make out to be. I was from SIM-UOL, got into a big 4, left after my 1st senior year & now in the private sector drawing $5.2K/month. Might not be much compared to FO in banks/tech but we all start somewhere & have our own path. Just work hard, communicate well & network. All the best everyone, be it private or local uni grad. Don't hate, just love. Life is too short too hate & bash each other. There's more to life.
True. I went a different path wanting to get into public service after graduation. My first job in private sector was just $2000. Went for few interviews but they only want to match my pay. Went into GLC with experience but was paid lower than fresh grad salary. After few years, left for private sector which has given me a pay bump.

I won't say that I am very successful, but I believe most SIM-UOL grads will do better with more experience in the private sector.

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