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Iím just a poly graduate from TP A&F and currently serving NS. I didnít do well during poly which I regretted because all I did was play and play. Nevertheless, it doesnít matter anymore because whatís done, done. We can only look forward and make decisions thatís best for the future by learning from the past.

So I came to this forum to get a rough gauge of the salary that I can expect to get as a UOL-SIM graduate. There are some valuable information out here but half of them are just a joke. People bashing one another over the prospects and starting salary of their degrees. Iíll expect local uni students to be more educated and virtuous but it seems that itís not the case uh. Bunch of trollers. Why are you even on this thread? Isnít it clearly SIM UOL FRESH GRAD STARTING PAY?

You will probably flame me by saying ďyou havenít even graduate or done anything useful in your life so just stfu.Ē Yeah flame me all you want. I can deal with it.
Why get so affected by the trolls? Some of them are probably not even local uni students or grads (you think they got the time to cyberbully us? Lol) Feel like many of those who talk **** abt private uni are edmw bbfa or unemployed 60 y.o. uncle type. Chill lah brother.

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