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Originally Posted by EXVIUS View Post
Hello everyone,

I'd like to gather your thoughts/inputs regarding my situation. I would appreciate serious/honest inputs please.

I'm 31 this year, completed my part-time degree last year with 5 years working experience (education bg ITE>Poly>SUSS). Although I'm getting a fairly reasonable salary (>4k) right now. I struggled with my job (perhaps due to my introverted & softspoken nature) and feels i'm stuck in a professional rut. Moreover my current working environment (SME) isn't exactly ideal...
I put in the hours and the work but don't see myself getting any better with my job (sure some things are easier now but not to my expectations). I wonder if I'm really cut out in my current role (assigned to almost 2 years now).

Personally exercising has been part of my lifestyle (i'm not super fit) IPPT Gold ever since they switched to the points system. Bored of office job and wanted something more active, I applied for SCDF Direct-Entry Lieutenant role. Not expecting a reply but they came back with an upcoming psychometric assessment. Not sure what to expect and anyone has been through please share.

Thinking forward, if i do have the choice to sign on despite my age, what will I be expecting etc?

This isn't about $ as I believe what I'm drawing now is above the pay grade. I don't mind taking a cut if this could turn out to be something meaningful/impactful.

I hope this post comes as sincere to everyone and I really do hope to get some honest inputs of what you guys think. Thank you.
TS Any updates about SCDF DEI from your side?
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