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I can only offer my own experience.

I was 25 when I graduated from NUS Arts and Soc Sciences. I then spent the two years doing absolutely nothing. This might be hard to believe but time flies when you're playing video games, clubbing, watching live sports and running the odd errand for my increasingly sad parents.

But i was increasingly discouraged as I saw my peers beginning to establish their careers as doctors, lawyers, etc. (Disclaimer: I spent 4 good teenage years studying in Bishan) And it was becoming increasingly hard to explain to potential employers about the gap since graduation. This became increasingly depressing.

At 27, I was totally lost and even entertained suicidal thoughts. But i discovered a Masters degree course that piqued my interest. I was very very lucky to secure a scholarship from the host country as well. So I left Sg to go overseas in 4 years ago.

Some months before departure, I met my then girlfriend. I told her that we should both give this long-distance relationship game a try and she agreed. I guess i was again very lucky as this long distance online relationship worked out - she is now my fiance.

I told myself that I'll be a new person in the UK , and that I'll start working harder than I ever did before (which was not hard!). One thing led to another, and I'm now working in a challenging and satisfying profession.

Late last year, the UK changed its visa regulations (unlike Sg) to make it harder for immigrants to stay. I was a bit sad, as everything changed within a day and I've to return to Sg. Thankfully, the small company i worked for quickly promoted me to ensure that my salary met the new requirements.

Life is inevitably full of challenges, but don't let your past define you. Anything is possible if you don't give up and resolve to turn your life around. Hard work is free!
Congratulations on making it!

I like the part on "unlike Sg".

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