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Plus if you are nobody, you will go to a nobody college, and those who know will think less of you if you are from a nobody college even if you grad from oxbridge. The old man, for example, was anobody, and went to Cambridge's Fitzwilliam, a nobody college. His son, because of the old man, went to Cambridge's Trinity college, a purple (royal blood) college.

US universities are much better. Cornell is nice, except that it is at some ulu upstate ny at Ithaca. So unless you get into a good college in cambridge, go to cornell.

yes, i attended cambridge and a US university that outranks cornell.
Interesting. Though I attended an ivy league uni, I didn't know the once-best university in the world, at least in the eyes of people in this part of the world, has "nobody" colleges and "blue-blooded" colleges. I didn't know LKY graduated from a "nobody" college - is his "rare" double honours as good as it sounds?
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