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Originally Posted by gutenberg03129g View Post
Hey all! I'm currently studying at an overseas university and am looking to get into Corporate Banking, specifically the Trade Finance / Transaction Payments side of things. I haven't really found a lot of info on the CB scene in Singapore, especially for the BBs. I'm particularly interested in the following:
  1. What's the pay like for entry-level analysts in the Corporate Banking divisions of BBs and MBBs?
  2. How competitive is it to enter CB if I study at a local university as compared to an overseas one, such as the London consortium of unis (LSE, UCL, ICL etc.)?
  3. Generally, what's your experience like, and how does it compare/do you think it compares to the CB divisions at the NYC/London/other offices?

Hopefully I'm not asking too many questions or sounding too stupid here; I'm new to this place and really just starting out my career journey. Thank you so much for your reading this and hope you have a great week ahead.
Corporate Banking credit analyst you mean? Dead end role. Eventually you'll have to choose to be either a specialist career credit analyst, become a relationship manager and do sales or if you are very lucky get into Risk Management and be credit evaluation/approval.

1. Entry level pay - Anything from $2k+ a month for the chinese banks to $6k a month for the bigger American banks.

2. Quite competitive. Everyone in Singapore including boatloads of foreigners all want to be in banking in Singapore. If you have to compete with someone from India who has a masters degree + 3 years credit analyst experience and asking for a lower pay than you to take an entree level position, you know you are screwed. Knowing how to speak, understand, read and write chinese certainly will be your competitive advantage.

3. For me almost the same. Not much difference
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