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Originally Posted by gutenberg03129g View Post
Hey all! I'm currently studying at an overseas university and am looking to get into Corporate Banking, specifically the Trade Finance / Transaction Payments side of things. I haven't really found a lot of info on the CB scene in Singapore, especially for the BBs. I'm particularly interested in the following:
  1. What's the pay like for entry-level analysts in the Corporate Banking divisions of BBs and MBBs?
  2. How competitive is it to enter CB if I study at a local university as compared to an overseas one, such as the London consortium of unis (LSE, UCL, ICL etc.)?
  3. Generally, what's your experience like, and how does it compare/do you think it compares to the CB divisions at the NYC/London/other offices?

Hopefully I'm not asking too many questions or sounding too stupid here; I'm new to this place and really just starting out my career journey. Thank you so much for your reading this and hope you have a great week ahead.
1. Most graduate roles (excluding IB/S&T/Tech) for freshers hover around 50K SGD p.a. for bulge brackets.

2. As long as your undergrad deals with basic quantitative stuff, youíre good to go. Honestly I think even FASS kids nowadays have taken an introductory stats module. Just remember not to screw up your psychometric tests to land a callback. Thatís more important!

3. Canít comment.

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