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We all learnt this in medical school. There is no NEVER. MCQs correct? Always and never are no no words.

So even if it is very rare.......this could happen and it WILL bite you in the butt. Always assume the worst in medicine and you will be the safest doctor on earth.

If a patient dies of anaphylaxis and you used the phrase "but it is very rare" it will still not protect you much.
Didn't you also learn that anaphylaxis is a type 1 hypersensitivity, whereas systemic contact dermatitis / metal allergies is type 4 (delayed) hypersensitivity? You don't get respiratory symptoms with the latter...

Practising defensive medicine may save your butt, but it will not make you a good physician and you will end up ordering a lot of unnecessary tests and create waste in the system.

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