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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Let me tell you what's going to happen.

1. No "victims" will make any police report because none of these baseless allegations are true.
2. CY has (temporarily) succeeded in disrupting the life and career of an innocent man
3. IR is playing the waiting game and letting the social media furor die down like it should in the next few days or weeks
4. IR will then hit CY with a defamation suit to vindicate his name and simultaneously file a police report for CY's unfounded attacks wrt the racial angle.
5. CY will pay damages through his nose. That's the price to pay for an unfounded hit job by a rabidly anti-PAP individual

Those of you virtue signalling about #metoo #methree, sorry to tell you but you are just enablers of mob rule and totally unfit to safeguard the administration of justice
Very well said.
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