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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Currently a student pursing a diploma in International trade and business in Ngee ann poly.

Interested in working in the banking/investment industry (probably M&A, PE, Capital/debt underwriting, etc).

My GPA is aroud 3.6. Might not be able to enter local Uni.

What are the options and paths for me to enter this industry?

Is it very challenging to get hired?

Which jobs in banking and investment do not require 10+ hours/ day and still pay a high pay?
I really like this question. I also want to know. Basically he is asking how does a dumb**** (him and me) with no money, no connection, no background in IB/PE and no looks (me. Not sure about him) can get a high paying job with max pay (for me preferably starting at >$10k p.m.)and min work hours (preferably 9-5 sharp. Not one min more). If anyone know of such jobs please let me know too....
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