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During my time (a couple years ago) one 1 round of interview. Just the Dir and HR and another neutral party or your direct sup. Get their offer within 3 days. If you are from private sector, can try and negotiate a higher salary and make sure they don't shortchange you on your grade. If you are a transfer from public service I think everything remained the same.

MI is ~3-4%, it's a lump sum but in percentage it's around there. Even though it might be lower than what people here claimed, bear in mind that their salary range for every grade is much wider than MX scale and they pay corporate bonus every Sep. Also, your next MI will be on your first anniversary then next MI (Apr), will be prorated based on when you join. E.g. join Mar 20, next MI is Mar 21, in Apr 22 your MI will be prorate (Mar-Dec). Most agencies are adopting this practice cos first year is standard grace C, your MI will be lower due to lower performance grace.

Ivan Lim type of people, I personally didn't met any during my time. The industry is supportive of MPA cos they provided some much funding. Anyone from the industry will know to be nice to MPA so their request for funding will be approved.\

As to why I left, there was an opportunity for me to move to a better environment and learn something new. I could have stayed for a while more and try to aim for AD but the internal fight is too much. My Dir wasn't great, colleagues weren't collaborative enough. For the money I was taking, it wasn't worth it managing the work (mine and those that others cannot deliver) and the environment. I'm taking about 10-15% less annually but I am very much happier with more time for family and things important to us.
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