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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
at which point in your uni/training did you learn to be a corporate leader/manager

the answer is at no point

so if u didnt get it

what makes u think ur boss got it

like as tho knowing the law/procedure alone makes u a good person or a corporate leader

not saying excused from being a good person, but where does that assumption even arise lmao
Nowhere in this forum did anyone assume that knowing the law means youíre a good corporate leader. Your point is therefore unfounded.

The point is, being a leader and managing employees are soft skills that people acquire through experience. Being a senior in the job, you are expected to have those skills. However, Now we arenít even talking about being a good boss here, we are merely asking how come there is such glaring hypocrisy - where some people keep advocating about how compassionate they are to help the poor when on the other hand, they can cold-heartedly neglect the welfare of the employees they are managing. You donít need to be a good corporate leader to have a tiny bit of compassion.
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