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It's my former coy, their paying power is very high as they collect port duties. Every Sep will announce corporate bonus (lump sum) based on the amount of port duties collected. This is in additional to the public service bonuses. The rest of the benefits more or less same.

For grade and salary, they do not follow MX and their grades + salary range cross MX grades and ranges. Entry level starts from grade 8, MX12 = 9/10, MX 11 = 11/12, etc. Their salary ceiling is very much higher too. For grade 10, the ceiling is $66xx compared to MX12 ceiling of $58xx.

Culture wise, personally don't find it good when I was there. Most senior management were parachuted in from private or from navy or amy. Everyone has their own agenda, very hard to work. Some other divisions, even within themselves also have politics. A lot of people hang on for the pay and bonuses because the annual remuneration is really very good. Their PB quantum is also higher - I got 2.5 for C+ grade when I was in grade 10.

There are also reviews on Glassdoor which you can reference to.

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