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Default Allied educator scheme

I think little has been mentioned about this scheme on this forum. Quite a bit has been mentioned about Education Officer scheme (teachers). Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently Allied educators (L&B) and School Counsellors are appointed on this allied educators scheme. I believe Student Welfare Officer is also similarly on this same scheme (though little has been heard about it on this forum.) They belong to the "non-teaching" careers, as reflected on the MOE website. Website also listed its salary range for this scheme to be quite wide, $1,800 to $4,610 [for AED (L&B)].

Just some questions and those who have some knowledge about it might be able to shed some light on it:

- Job prospects/ career progression for allied educators scheme in general;
- For those who have been working as AED or School Counsellors, how has the journey been for you? What keeps you going? Any regrets?
- Any mid-career people who took this up?

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