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Hi I am a singaporean studying economics in UK(LSE/Cambridge). I am trying to move back to Singapore after I graduate next year. I have done an internship at a EB in london (evercore/lazard) and gotten an ft offer.

However, my aim is to be move back to Singapore, preferably the buyside(PE) after i graduate. How is the PE industry in Singapore? I know a few US megafunds such as KKR have a presence here as well as regional players such as hiltonhouse and also the SWFs.

Do these funds have an analyst program or do they recruit for associate only?
Also how does the compensation vary (eg for the associate level, does KKR/Apollo pay the same as their NY counterparts?)
Unfortunately PE isn't that big in Asia. Most of the largest shops don't even have an office in Singapore.

If you're really looking for a role in buy-side, you should look at our local SWFs (GIC/Temasek) or vanilla asset management (Fidelity/Templeton/Blackrock/Capital), many more opportunities in these areas compared to PE.

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