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The FSO scheme doesnít have an explicit preference for a particular major per se. It does however have a knack for outstanding academic performance and transcripts from prestigious universities.

Have not heard of any FSOs coming in fresh from subpar universities like SIM or non-G8 Aussie unis. They will most likely fall under the FSAS track unfortunately.

What you can do however if you hold lackluster academic credentials is like one of the previous poster said... work for a couple of years, save up cash, study hard for your GRE and rebrand yourself with a good MSc/MA. Only then do you stand a fighting chance in joining the FSO scheme.

Tbh, your chances of becoming an FSO holding a 2nd lower is zero to none unless you have a strong value proposition like business level proficiency in a foreign language. Even so, itís still an uphill task.
To see the sort of people that come in, just search Foreign Service Officer on Linkedin.
I have never seen a FSAS become a FSO. They just dont have the pedigree.
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