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Hi there! Like what you said, the FSAS scheme is mainly directed towards non-degree holders serving a periphery role to FSOs in MFA. There are degree holders (mainly SIM grads) under this scheme as well.

Itís a great scheme to experience how life is like with the foreign service but please do not consider it as a long career option. You can talk to senior FSAS or ex FSAS around, the workload and the nature of the tasking (for senior FSAS especially) is exactly the same as the FSO scheme but you guys are severely receiving the shorter end of the stick in terms of remuneration.

My five cents... go through with the job for a bout 2 Ė 3 years, save up cash for your masters at a prestigious uni, and reapply for the FSO scheme.
Serving FSO here - just want to moderate your expectations - have never heard of a FSAS becoming an FSO. There were a few that tried but were not successful. Itís also a very rank-oriented organisation where superiors can literally rail at you for anything. So itís not good to be near the bottom of the totem pole.
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