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truth is most UK universities are crap. In London, the prestige is shifting from LSE (rich foreign kid campus) to university college london. Oxbridge are better places with their historic pedigree, (questionably) nice architecture where you will spend a delightful weekend (in summer only; winter sucks) visiting and punting. Or maybe in spring (April) when the cherry blossom are, well, in full blossom. studying at either, is a different story. The professors are old school, the college unfriendly, the college food sucks, the infrastructure old and the resources depleting.

Plus if you are nobody, you will go to a nobody college, and those who know will think less of you if you are from a nobody college even if you grad from oxbridge. The old man, for example, was anobody, and went to Cambridge's Fitzwilliam, a nobody college. His son, because of the old man, went to Cambridge's Trinity college, a purple (royal blood) college.

US universities are much better. Cornell is nice, except that it is at some ulu upstate ny at Ithaca. So unless you get into a good college in cambridge, go to cornell.

yes, i attended cambridge and a US university that outranks cornell.

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