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Originally Posted by wilsonc View Post
Hi all, I see a lot of information about software engineer career in SG but not so much for cybersecurity/infosecurity so decided to make one thread here. Hopefully more people can share their career path, salary and working experience here.

To start it off, I am a fresh grad from a private uni and just started my career in cybersecurity as an engineer (mainly SIEM deployment/configuration). My salary is low 3k working in a local cybersecurity company.

I only started working for a couple of months so not much to share as of now.

Looking forward to your sharing!
are you doing implementation/deployment or reviewing/consulting work? i think if you are looking at the career path, talk to more of your senior, ask them about the progression.

Anyway, i think for security, you really need Cert...CISSP, SANS, Crest.......

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