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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is the best post so far. Dont want to sound like a loser, but I feel that since Sg is destined to be only for the rich, ordinary folks like us will have to move elsewhere. This is a reality and its a fact that will stay with us for the next part of our life.

Anyway, I been thinking very hard about moving to Msia as the next best alternative. In fact I did considered KLCC and Johor before and I did some basic research on Msia properties. You see the main point about investing in properties is to get some rental income out of it OR to live in it while renting it out at the same time.

Coming to the rental part, renting in Msia is a problem unless you bought your properties in the downtown area because your Ang Mo wont be interested if he had to drive around to work considering the traffic situation during certain times of the day (esp in KLCC).

Personal safety is also another issue. This is especially true for downtown areas during night time where robberies and pickpockets are common. (I personally seen it myself).

Finally, foreigners can only purchase properties above RM500k (around SGD210k) and there are certain restrictions on certain properties due to the bumiputra rulings. Just check out the Msia my second home website.

There are other potential issues but I leave those for now. Just ask yourself after considering all these factors, would you still want to live in Msia or you prefer the dog life in Sg.

For me its a resounding YES, I will move to Msia but I just hope things will improve more in there before I put my first downpayment.

A BIG YES from me too. KLCC area is quite well developed with skytrain and mrt as well as rail linkages. for S$300k, one can get a very good location full facilities condo with 2-3 layers of security.

SG is not really that perfectly safe anymore, look at the half body at reservoir, water tanks, vivocity etc etc. I believe it takes some common sense to stay safe. there is no need to wear ones gold rolex and gold chain in KL while walking along the street. follow some simple common sense, should be ok.
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