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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am confused right now. All job offers are 1.8k to 2k.. My last drawn was around 2.5k+, am I supposed to take these job offers or continue waiting?

If i take these jobs, how will this impact the job after these? can get back to 2.5k+ or not?
based on my own experiences, its a no,unless u change to a sector that is supposed to pay u a higher amt. this is becoz HR will cut your pay as much as they can.

eg: my pay at company A is 2.8k. at company B, i take a pay cut to get 2.5k. when i apply for job at company c, they willing to pay uo to 2.5k only. fyi, all in the same sectors. they can't dun offer more than their budget allowed. or just want to cut lah as i said. HR oso have kpi , which is to save cost for company
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